• Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Eyes :  IKON - Promise Eyes
    Hair : Action -  Shaun
    Tuxedo : Kauna - XIV suit "NEW"
    Tattoo : Letis Tattoo - Alioth

    Desk set by Epia "NEW" (comes with animations)
    Wine by Plethora  "NEW" @ The Garden April (gacha)
    Wall sconces by Pixel Mode "NEW" @ The Garden April

    Pose by CnS 

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  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Eyes :  IKON - Promise Eyes
    Hair :  Action - James
    Vest & shirt : APHORISM - Waistcoat & undershit "NEW" @ Mens Dept April
    Pants : APHORISM - Regular jeans

    Table, rug, seats & food tray by Pixel Mode  "NEW"@ The Garden April
    Plant by Collage "NEW"@ The Garden April
    House by Trompe Loeil "NEW" @ Collabor 88 April

    Pose by CnS

  • Fireplace & tools by Convair "NEW" @ Home Show 2014
    Dining set by DIGS "NEW" @ Home Show 2014
    Wine & glasses by Breno
    Wall art by Mudhoney

    Taxi to Home Show 2014

  • Taxi to Mens Dept

    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Ren Skin - Tone 05 "NEW" @ Mens Dept April
    Eyes :  IKON - Promise Eyes
    Hair :  ~Tableau Vivant~ Monk hair "NEW" @ Mens Dept April
    Glasses :  (epia) - Fashionable Glasses
    T-shirt : ISON  - short sleeve sweatshirt "NEW" @ Mens Dept April
    Pants :  ISON  - stretch trousers "NEW" @ Mens Dept April
    Tattoo : Letis Tattoo - Alioth

    Location : Mayfair 
  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/90671057@N03/13723341153/

    This is a post about men, departments and birthdays. Mens Dept is the biggest and most popular shopping even for males in Second Life (make no mistake though, it's always full of women). And as of this April Mens Dept is also two years old! To celebrate this, April's round is the largest ever with over 60 vendors full of awesome. So if you are a guy or malt looking to update your av,  a girl looking for cool furniture or a single girl simply...looking, follow the taxi below!

    Taxi to Mens Dept

    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Eyes :  IKON - Promise Eyes
    Hair :  Action - Joe "NEW" 
    Glasses : Remarkable Oblivion - California - San Fran   "NEW"  @ Mens Dept April
    Vest & shirt : Monso - My Denim Vest  "NEW"  @ Mens Dept April
    Pants : FATEwear - Billy - grip
    Tattoo : Letis Tattoo - Alioth

  • This a flash post about homes, shows and BBQ. Home Show 2014, an event exclusively for home & garden stuff is open and full of goodies. I chose two releases for this post and it's this cool new desk by DIGS and this neat barbecue set by 11th Hour. You can find them both at Home Show 2014. Taxi to follow.

    Taxi to Home Show 2014

    1st pic:

    BBQ set by Eleventh Hour "NEW" @ Home Show
    Patio heater by Consignment
    Beer pack by Apple Fall

    2nd pic:

    Desk,chair, PC,lamp and board by DIGS "NEW" @ Home Show
    Decor by Sari-Sari
    Notepads by What Next

  • Skin : [KOOQLA] - Knight
    Hair :  Exile - Nothing Else Matters
    Eyes : Dead Apples - Sinistre Bloodlust
    Ears : [MANDALA] - Fantasy Elf Ears
    Piercings :   - .HoD. - Cathaoirmore "NEW" @ We Love RP (facepaint included)
    Necklace : Maxi Gossamer - Bali Gypsy "NEW" @ faMESHed April
    Tattoo : AITUI  - When the Beast

    Pose by Del May
  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/90671057@N03/13564652273/

    This is a post about awesome new stuff at faMESHed, cool looking suits and carefully placed nipple covers. Trompe Loeil is known for quality releases but this one, available at the new faMESHed round, is pure epicness. A new set including, among other things, a fireplace, an awesome human sized bird cage and this amazing chair that makes you look like a boss just by sitting on it. Of course I needed someone to put in said bird cage and since miss Leroux happened to walk by (yes, that's how she's walking around), she was the lucky one. Credits to follow.

    Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Eyes :  IKON - Promise Eyes
    Hair :  Action - Joe "NEW" 
    Suit : Gabriel - body belt suit  "NEW"

    Fireplace, Chair & Cage by Trompe Loeil  "NEW" @ faMESHed April
    Art, Rug & Pillows by Apple Fall (past Arcade gacha)

    To see what Eve is not wearing, check out her blog (coming soon).

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  • Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ David skin
    Eyes :  IKON - Promise Eyes
    Hair :  Action - Joe "NEW" 
    Shirt : FATEwear - Todd "NEW" 
    Pants : FATEwear - Saul "NEW" 
    Tattoo : Letis Tattoo - Alioth

    Pose on Alex by Oh!Studio
    Location : Love Kats

    To see what Miss Leroux is wearing on her pretty pixels go here (coming soon)